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Reader's Bikes

Send a Picture of your ride and I will include it on this page. Include a short history/description.


Kings Bay, Ga. friends (Mike the Motorhead)


Geoff on the road with a custom T160


Wolfgang & Susan in Cape Canaveral


Joe's Herd

Ross lives in Atlanta, Ga. He purchased the bike around Christmas. Has replaced the tires and wire harness on the bike at this point. He plans on adding electronic ignition, plugs, nuts and bolts this winter.

1972 Triumph

Checkout Tom J. Sawyer's. It's a 1979 Triumph Special. Tom bought it new, road it just about every day until 1988 when he rebuilt it, now it has about 1,000 miles on it. He rides it maybe once a year and enter it in some bike shows. Tom rides BMW's now. Even though he rides a BMW, Tom thinks British bikes will always be number one.

1979 Triumph

Check out Dan's 1978 Bonneville, owned since 1981, and 2002 Sprint ST - best of both worlds!

1978 Triumph

Fran from Titusville has owned this Daytona since it was new. He bought it off the show room. Just returned to original atire. This was at the Toy Run year 2000. That's Mrs Joe next to Fran.

1967 Triumph

Meet Gary's girls. Betsy and Bertha. Gary lives on Merritt Island.

Triumphs 1969 TR6R/1974 T150

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