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The proper installation of valve guides is very important to the longevity and performance of the entire valve train.

1. Inspect “cylinder head” and remove any debris and burrs. Cleaning the head with Bead Blasting is recommended. Make sure you use Glass Beads and clean the head thoroughly when done. (see below)

2. Measure “cylinder head” guide hole. Press fit of 0.0015 is recommended (steel and aluminum heads). Guides come in over sizes. Several different over size guides may be necessary in the head. Mark the guide holes and the guides with their guide sizes (Black Permanent Marker). This will assure that you can quickly find and insert them in the right hole.

3. Heat the “cylinder head” to approximately 250 Degrees F.

4. Put a coat of light oil on the guides.

5. Cool valve guides. Freeze or colder (less than 32 degrees F)

NOTE: The next two steps need to be done quickly to assure the head does not cool and the Guides remain cold.

6. In some instances the guide can be installed by hand. Most of the time I use the Tool below for inserting the Guides in the head. Very little force should be required.

7. Ensure that guide is driven in straight and is completely seated into the “cylinder head”.

8. Valve guides should be honed to their finished size.

NOTE: Under no circumstance should any adhesive, sealant or similar compound be used when installing valve guides. The substances act as insulators and will reduce heat transfer from the guide into the “cylinder head”.

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