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Crank Seal

I am rebuilding a 1957 Triumph Trophy (see RESORATION Page). The crank end with the fitting for the "oil seal" has issues. The Pre-units have bushings for a seal. The unit engines have a garter oil seal. These seals are much more efficeint at transfering the oil to the crank. I found the following article in Classic Bike Magazine on the subject. At the bottom of this page is also some short bits of information. I would like your opinions on these subjects.

[news article]

Does your bike smell like gas after it sits for a while? While you blame it on the float needle, but is this the cause? Check your tap. The pressure in the tank may be enough for the gas taps to leak. The leak will be enough to flood the bowls but not enough to have the Viton-tipped float needle shut off the supply. Remove the gas line from the tap and see if gas is getting past the valve, replace if necessary!

Only use stainless spokes and nipples together with an approved lubricant. Stainless threaded into stainless can result in seizure or “galling”, which can lock the two together before the correct tension has been reached.

AMAL verses Mikuni

Read something the other day that made sense. Mikuni carbs were develop for bike with electric starters. Electric starting bikes spin faster and longer than a kick starting bike. So starting a kick start bike with a makuni cark is more difficult than if Amals were installed. What’s your experience?

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