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Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance is important to the life of your battery. Maintenance commences when the battery is first charged. A slow initial charge is recommended prior to placing the battery into service. Most manufactorers recommend that the battery be charged at 10 percent of the battery's rated capacity for 3-5 hours during the initial charge. If a 1 or 2 amp charger is available use the following table for the initial charge:

Motorcycle Battery Charge Time
Battery 10 Hour Amp Rating
Hours to Charge
1 Amp2.
2 Amp1.

The use of a 1 Amp to 2 Amp battery will avoid overcharging.

The voltage reading of the battery should indicate 12.65 to 12.9 (for a 12 volt battery) after the charge. If it does not, additional charging at 25 per cent of the charge time may be required. If the battery is bubbling and gassing before the charge time has been complete, stop charging and let the battery cool down before continuing. Keep the battery acid level full (electrolyte level). If the acid level goes down, refill with distilled water (if available) or pure drinking-quality water.

Normal Maintenance

Check the electrolyte level once a month. Refill with distilled water (if available) or pure drinking-quality water to restore the proper level.

A battery not in use tends to run down and create sulfate deposits. After a battery has been filled and charged, it is essential that you keep it adequately charged either by running the MC, or by using an independent battery charger. Charging should be a maximum of 1/10th of the battery's ampere/hour rating. Slow charging (under 1 amp) tends to remove some of the sulfate deposits.

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