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2019 Back to Palmbay Harley

Saturday several of us took some Triumph's down to Harley-Davidson in Palm Bay. Seems like every weekend they have Bands, Free Beer, food and venders! The front page has a picture of the event. Bands, Booze, and Bikes what could be better!

Made a trip to the Dragon a few weeks ago. Micro brews are popping up everywhere in the mountains. Visited Hoppy Trout Brewery in Andrews, NC. Good Beer, Pizza, People, and poppers! Located in downtown Andrews. Andrews small run-down town relatively close to the Dragon. The town has two Breweries and many thrift stores (wife was happy!). Andrews Brewing Company/Calaboose Cellars resides in Andrews. No food but nice scenery and beer.

Joes still have some towels/rags left. They are clean and in good shape. Use them to dry the dog, wash the Car, give them to the kid to take to college, or just plain rags for the garage. Let me know if you desire some! Stop over or meet me somewhere.

Joes Garage has 2019 Calendars for the discount price of $16.00! They retail for $25! Get yours today!

Take a look at the calendar at: Click here


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