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2019 Earl's Hide Away (Memorial Day)

We made a Trip down to Earl's Hideaway for EARL'S FEST 2019. There was a total of 11 bands performing this year. Earl's Hideaway has been a landmark on the Riverfront in Sebastian, Florida for many years since the 1950ís. It was founded by Mr. Earl Roberts, who was once Sebastianís Mayor. It was packed! Nice view of the River. Parking for cars were limited. But there is always room for bikes!

Place was packed. We made the trip south to see Big Engine playing. Big Engine played on Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm. Big Engine is a band out of Jacksonville. We last saw the band at the Cabbage Patch during bike week. Four hours of hard charging rock and roll. The crowd was very receptive to the Big Engine. Earlís Hideaway Lounge won this yearís best live music venue by Sebastian Daily readers. No doubt Big Engine helped achieve this accoumplishment!

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