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Mike The Motorhead

Current Highlighted Mike the Motorhead Issue:

Help 47: Damaged or Worn Patent Plate

Past Mike the Motorhead Issues:

Help 01: Charged and Ready!

Help 02: clutch slip

Help 35: Valve_Adjustment

Help 57: Breaking in an Engine

Help 70: Carbs WILL NOT Bleed

Help 81: Check the Float Level

Help 83: Checking_Valve_Timing

Help 85: Kick_Start_Seal

Help 93: Zinc Plating

Help 95: Stud_Removal

Help 98: Spoking

Help 104: Electric Power Usage

Help 113: Valve_Guide_Installation

Help 114: LEDs

Help 115: PreUnit Crank Seal

Help 119: Twin-Leading Shoe Brake Adjustments

Help 121: Working on the T160 Clutch

Help 123: 1970s Brake Switch

Help 126: Ring Replacing

Help 127: Rebuilding_Heads

Help 128: Valve_Gap

Help 136: float level

Help 138: Hickley_Jets

Help 140: Ring_Installing

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