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Several Hints to Make Your Bike Better.

1. Fit tires with modern rubber. Good tires make the Bike steer and grip better, enhance your confidence and riding pleasure and improve safety. But do not fit low profile tires. Keep to correct sizes where possible. If indoubt, consult parts manual.

2. Clean the bike. This process gives you the opportunity to inspect all aspects and remedy faults.

3. Renew or thoroughly lube all cables before routing them via the path of least resistance for a lighter, more efficient action. Check that cables are not being trapped or stretched when the bars are turned from handle bar stop to stop.

4. Fit modern sealed gel battery. These hold their charge cell well and do not leak Ė which can happen with classics that donít see that much use Ė can destroy paint and chrome!

5. Remove levers from hydraulic brakes and clutches, then grease the pivot and the hammer on the master cylinder. This gives a smoother action and removes notchiness. Also grease foot lever pivots and clutch arms.

6. Check the gearbox! It should only take a few hours on a British Bike but they are often ignored. A gearbox seizure can see you sliding up the road! Look for worn bearings, chipped teeth and bent selectors. AT the very least change/check the gearbox fluid. Make sure no metal is in the oil!

7. Pay particular attention to wheel alignment. Many clasics have been down the road a few times, so the frame may be slightly distored. If the wheels are out of line the machine will feel peculiar through corners.

8. Go over the bike checking every nut and bolt, especially engine bolts.Lubricate the rear chain offen.

9. Take five minutes to lubricate all locks. This mades them much easier to use and extends their lifespan.

10. Replace or clean your air filter. These are neglected, especially in bikes that are not ridden much.

11. Remove the wheel and swing arm spindles and grease them. Many have seized due to neglect. You may have to use heat if yours is stuck! But do it now rather then finding out that it canít be done on the road!

12. Check your Shocks! Quality shocks improve handling and cope better if you ride two-up. There a plenty of modern shocks that look like the originals!

13. Go through your electrical replacing connectors, split and frayed wires, corroted fuse holders and bulbs. The built connectors on a classit become brittle and break apart. New ones are available with modern metal. Better do it at home on a Saturday then on the side of a road.

14. Check spoke adjustment, balance and true the tires. Do not forget to check the air! Out of balance tires can setup annoying vibration, while a out of true whel may set up steering instability. Loose spokes place extra stress on the surrounding spokes!

15. Remove the brake pads and place a small smear of grease on the backs to prevent brake squeal.

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